Experience God: The Nativity

This month was extremely special as we focused on the birth of Jesus Christ during our morning devotionals. This Experience God story telling set was by far my favorite, and not just because it is about the birth of the Savior, but because it came as a story-telling set with character pieces!

I sat on the floor with this pair of friends one morning during free time as they played with the story-telling pieces and retold the story of the first Christmas in their own words, which was both illuminating and hilarious! We had been discussing this scripture story for the past 6 classes, so I was curious to see how much they had been retaining (as well as from their own scriptural studies at home and at church.)

"The animals gave gifts, the angel came and told Joseph he better marry that Mary, the angesl sang 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', the animals could talk, the star that appeared in the sky was really an angel dancing, etc...." They of course, also had very accurate parts to their story and it touched my heart to hear them talk about how much they love the baby Jesus!

They did a great job sharing the pieces with one another. When they couldn't quite remember what happened in the story, they had me read the scriptural references on the backsides of each backdrop poster. They know truth when they hear it and their little hearts resounded with happiness at the story of Jesus Christ's birth.

We discussed a lot about why we give gifts at Christmas time and how God gave us the first and most important Christmas gift ever: His Son! Using both our scripture for the month and our monthly character attribute of sharing, we spent time thinking about and discussing how we can share with and serve others.

Developmentally, preschoolers are still very ego-centric and need to be given the opportunity to develop empathy. It's not to be expected at this age, but we definitely start to see progress as our students look beyond themselves to help and show kindness to their friends and to us as teachers. These little hearts are so precious and we are privileged to be a part of their growth.

I could not be happier that I chose to add Experience God to my curriculum! We get a chance every day to learn of and testify of God and His great plan for us. Not all of my students are Christian, and not all of them attend the same Christian church as myself. We welcome this diversity and enjoy learning from the hearts of each of our students! For more information about this curriculum, visit www.mothergoosetime.com.

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