Once There Was a Snowman

Notably one of the favorites for both myself and the students was our snowman day! "How many circles are there on a snowman?" " How many eyes....mouths....noses...?" Math comes in many forms and the best form is every day play! Helping students learn number sense and geometry is just a natural part of learning when it comes to preschool. Exploring everything around them leads to learning about shapes, numbers, colors, letters, etc... and today was a great day to focus on mathematics.

We started our day of learning with the song "Once There Was a Snowman." We counted how many times we sang the song and how many times we "melted in the sun."

We happened to have the suggested reading book in our class library called "The Snowman". This is an interesting book as it has no words but many, many pictures to tell the story of this cute snowman! I let the kids look through it and let them narrate what was going on in the story.

Our art project was an invitation to create, which means we give the students a picture for inspiration, supply them with art materials and let them....CREATE!

This project was not specifically about snowmen, but many of the students chose to use their white paint and bubble wrap pouches to create snowmen by swirling the paint. Some also chose to make a snow storm or snowflakes falling.

Again, simple questions can evolve an art project into a math lesson. "What shapes did you use in your painting? How many snowflakes did you create? How many trees do you see in this photo?"

And some of them just wanted to experiment, creating snow flurries with their hands and ditching the other materials!

I was really excited to see the creativity of one of our girls! Everyone was provided with a blue piece of paper, a white piece of paper, a black piece of paper, markers, white paint, scissors, and a bubble wrap pouch.

Most of the students just used the paint and the bubble wrap to create, but she really let the display picture inspire her and created her own shapes and designs to make a winter wonderland! And look at that beautiful, smiling, proud face!

One way we cut down on waste and clean up and promote team work is to have the students share art materials with a friend. This enables them to learn how to better take turns, share, be fair in how much they use, and to be more selfless and aware of other's needs and desires. Here is a great example of that:

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