Sledding in a Winter Wonderland

We began our month of December with a new theme: Winter Wonderland! With December being a short month for our school, I knew that I would have to combine themes to get the most out of the month that we could. So today was all about sledding as well as winter clothing!

When the new kit for the month arrives, I first use the project display page in the Planning Guide to make my initial choice about what themes to choose for the month, then I delve into the Teacher Guide manual to search through the lesson plans. Often times, I take activities from multiple days to round out a complete lesson plan. We only have 8 days during the month for each class, so I want to make sure that we are getting an activity for each academic area. Here is a shot of the Planning Guide project display page.

We always use the topic poster of the day to introduce our theme and ask an open-ended question to get the student's thinking caps going. This is a great way to gauge the understanding they already have of the subject and to know which direction to take the lesson. This is also our "out of the mouths of babes" moment; you never know what to expect and you learn a lot about each child and their environment! And they never want to stop telling you all that they know! This is a time to really boost their self-awareness and to help them gain confidence in front of a large group.

Our main focus when it comes to using Mother Goose Time Curriculum is the art projects. We provided the materials to make both sleds and winter hats and let the children choose what materials to use and what craft to complete.

MGT always provides a multitude of pictures to inspire our little artists into creating their own version.

They loved using the tissue paper squares from the hat craft to add variety to their sleds!

I also wanted to showcase the snowflakes they made when we learned about snowflakes. We decided to keep them and decorate our classroom to make it more festive!

To learn more about this amazing curriculum that we use, visit!

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