Community Helpers: Illustrator/Artist

This was a fun career to learn about since we have an award winning artist in the classroom! Not me...Miss Brenda! With a degree in art and many beautiful pieces to show the students, we were able to learn about different art mediums and what the children can do now to increase their artistic skills!

The students loved seeing her different projects, her easel, her paints, her brushes, her pencils, her many other tools...and, of course, they wanted to touch everything!

One of their favorite pieces was a colored pencil montage of various shoe styles. They looked so real, each child was claiming which pair of shoes they wanted to take home!

Every time we read a book, we focus on what exactly an illustrator and an author do. We discussed the career of an illustrator and practiced using shapes to learn how to draw like an illustrator.

They followed step by step instructions, adding on shape by shape, detail by detail, to complete an illustration of a cat and a dog. They then were free to create their own illustration! You can see how hard they were concentrating! Not only did this art activity focus on their fine motor skills, but it helped stretch their cognitive processes as well. Copying illustrations from another page without tracing, can be difficult enough, but following step-by-step directions can prove even more difficult! I was impressed by both my 3 and 4 year olds! After seeing how frustrated some of my older students became, I was worried about my younger ones. However, they proved me wrong by taking on the challenge and repeating our class phrase, "We can do hard things!"

Also, I had to add in a sweet little note from one of my 4 year olds. "We love Becky."

To learn more about Mother Goose Time Curriculum and how you can use it in your own home or classroom, visit!

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