Community Helpers: Bus Driver and Store Keeper

This month is all about Community Helpers! We have been receiving visitors that work in our community and have careers in different fields that correspond to our MGT (Mother Goose Time) curriculum. MGT has given us 20 days of careers to explore and we have many family members of our preschoolers who have been willing to come and be guest speakers. This has been a HUGE opportunity to work on our listening skills! Our guests only present for 5-10 min, which is perfect for our students, but sometimes it can be difficult, especially for our 3 year olds. We have been practicing respect since it was introduced as a character trait this year in MGT. It always helps to remind them to turn on their listening ears, turn off their talking mouths, and to raise their hands when they have questions. Their questions, of course, are actually statements that are often times not related what so ever, but it gives them an opportunity to be heard and to feel valued!

This day we learned about bus drivers and store keepers. While growing up, my parents were store keepers. My father currently is a transportation supervisor for buses in Zion National Park and my mother manages the family motel near Zion. They were perfect to have as our first guest speakers and they brought lots of pictures and hand outs for the students! Little D was in heaven, since some of his favorite people were at HIS preschool for the day, and that he got to tell everyone to call them Grandma and Grandpa!

His grandpa presented first by showing us pictures of the parks transportation system, all of the buses and trailers, the masses of people who use the buses, and gave them postcards shaped like the buses! It helped the students understand that their are bus drivers for more than just school buses!

Look at those faces all attentive!

Little D's grandma presented next by telling them all about our family motel and showing them pictures of the motel and the beautiful Zion Canyon. She showed them registration cards that are used at check in and gave them a post card from the motel. There were lots of stories from the students about their stays in hotels! The students practiced writing their names on the registration cards and took home the postcards to continue their writing practice.

MGT provided us with the most adorable mini MGT Mother Goose buses and a clothespin to decorate as our bus driver...another great fine motor skill activity! It takes a lot of precision to put a tiny little face and miniature shoes on a clothespin man! We also had the older students practice writing their name on the side of the clothespin as well.

We also practiced our fine motor skills to flip little bus cards over to match community helpers. Each of the students were so excited when they found a pair!

There were only 8 pairs of matches and we had 9 students this day. I am usually pretty good to think this through prior to our activity and figure out how to "spread the love" to make sure there wasn't going to be one left out child. My pregnancy brain has been on high and so my cognitive processes are a little slow...which left one sweet little student who didn't get a match when all of the other students found a match. And do you know what she did when the game came to an end and the last student got a match? She clapped for them and gave them a huge smile! My heart was so touched by her enthusiasm for her friends with no second thought as to herself. This was a teaching moment we jumped on to praise and thank her for her kindness and to explain good sportsmanship to our class.

And here is her sweet smile!

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