Down on the Farm

We wrapped up our "Down on the Farm" theme by combining activities from a few different days. We made mud pies, danced to all sorts of farm songs, and experimented with corn kernels!

We made mud pies from a recipe as provided by MGT (Mother Goose Time curriculum). We practiced life skills by learning to follow a recipe, measuring, pouring, and mixing.

This wasn't your normal mud pie, it was made from ingredients from the kitchen instead of the back yard, and it smelled like chocolate! Yum!

They then used rocks, pebbles, shells, and rose petals to decorate their mud pies.

One of the students even made a letter "C"!

For our dance break, we used videos from Dance 'n Beats Lab, which are designed to help build gross motor skills, coordination, and range of motion.

We chose the videos that were farm themed. You can find some of them here:

We ended our day by adding in our own science project "Hopping Corn!" If you ever need to grab the attention of a group of preschoolers, all you need is a chemical reaction!

They were spell bound as we mixed all the ingredients together and watched as the corn kernels hopped from the bottom to the top of the glass and back again. It continued the movement for nearly an hour!

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