Literacy with Mother Goose Time

Developing literacy skill is a large part of the Mother Goose Time curriculum. It is woven throughout most of our activities, circle time exercises, and additional resources.

Mother Goose Time's website states,

"Language and literacy skills refer to a child’s ability to communicate and connect with others through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Learning language is a social experience and requires symbolic processing. The relationship between thought and word “is not a thing, but a process, a continual movement back and forth from thought to word and from word to thought” (Vygotsky, 1962, p. 125). Mother Goose Time is a literacy-rich curriculum and invites children to ask questions and explore ideas through discussion and dramatic play. Moreover, we encourage children to construct autobiographical narratives in the form of storytelling, journaling and drawing. Language skills are some of the best predictors of academic success (Snowling, Hulme, Bailey, Strothard & Lindsay, 2011)." See

Our day "down on the farm" learning about cows was one of those days that the students were unsuspectingly building literacy skills while having fun. We started by learning the nursery rhyme "Little Boy Blue" as provided by MGT (Mother Goose Time.) As always, we acted out the rhyme by having every student take on a role and having them act out their "scene" as we repeated the rhyme. They also learned to identify the word cow and other words that began with the letter "c" by placing one of our cow counters on the poster.

Here is Little Boy Blue trying really hard to pretend to be asleep under the hay stack, while cracking a smile.

Here are some cows in the corn, eating away.

During art time, we made our own cow masks so we could use them to act out our nursery rhyme, as well as our new story book.

Here are some friends helping each other. We always ask our students to ask their neighbors for help first and here we see why! So much good comes from students learning to help each other and it helps build friendships, as well as confidence.

"Look, I cut out my own cow ears!"

MGT sends us a new story book every month. This month's book is "There's a Cow in My House". While all books encourage literacy, this book was specifically written to help children build literacy skills by using repetitive sentence structures. Ever notice how excited children get when they can anticipate the next sentence in the book and chant a long with you as you read? Here, we see familiar words used consecutively on each page to help the children begin to learn whole words.

We ended our day trying to get our "ghost cows" out of the house. Apparently, everything is a ghost near Halloween!

To learn more about the Mother Goose Time program, visit

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