The Three Little Pigs

We are down on the farm this month! One of our first days on the "farm" was learning all about pigs and how they love to be dirty! The best part of the Mother Goose Time program is that they roll science, literacy, mathematics, and fairy tales all together in one awesome day of activities and learning! It helps us explore the subject from more than one perspective and learn from every angle.

I wanted to let you dive into the teacher's guide and planning journal to see the layout of the lesson plans. When planning I go though and usually label what activities I want to use for each section of our day.

My favorite activity was the STEAM station. We followed the guide and set out pine needles for straw, sticks, and wooden blocks for bricks for the students to rebuild the three little pig's homes as they please.

We followed the "Look and Find Pig" activity as our first theme activity for the day. Each month we receive a theme poster with magnifying glasses. The students love using them to find certain images on the poster and then we are able to perform the task found on the back of each.

Our new invitation to create art project was a bit of messy fun! The students loved mixing dirt, weeds, water, and brown paint together to use with their "piggy tail" foam paintbrushes to get their pigs nice and dirty, as if they had been rolling in the mud. Brown is our color for the month and you can just imagine all of the things they decided that brown mixture looked like! You have to love that preschoolers say exactly what they think!

We read the book The Three Little Pigs during story time to tie it all together and to familiarize them with the fairy tale. We like to focus on traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes, never wanting that tradition of early childhood education to end. Mother Goose Time shares this philosophy and gives us opportunities throughout the month to learn and recite and read the traditional stories and rhymes. This book was probably one of my favorite versions of the story with pop up pictures that the children love! This book was a thrift store find....most of my favorite books are!

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