NEW: Invitation to Create Art

Mother Goose Time Curriculum (MGT) has begun a new art form called "Invitation to Create"; an opportunity for young students to make creative choices as they participate in arts and crafts during the preschool day. It focuses on "process art" vs. "product art."

In all honestly, I had a very difficult time accepting the new program when we first received our new kit. I absolutely agree with process art and what children learn about themselves as they participate. I prefer children to complete projects themselves, even if they don't necessarily look like much in a parent's eyes. However, I was concerned about the set-up for my classroom. I see how easy this would be for just a few children, but I mentally had a difficult time conjuring the best set up for this new program. And I think we've found one that works pretty well.

Welcome to the "Invitation to Create" program!

On the instruction card, you will see the beautiful invitation set up for the project. Instead, the night before, we prep trays with each of the items the children will be able to choose from. We stack them up and store them for the next day. Along the wall behind the art table are buckets of supplies that are available for quick and easy access. We set out the paint the day of, along with the inspiration picture and their own individual tray. Then we let them begin creating.

This is a change from our "Make and Play" crafts, where I demonstrate the craft before I let them have free reign over the art supplies. The "Invitation to Create" truly enables the students the freedom to explore the breadth and depth of their imagination without limitations. As adults, we often make the declaration that we are "not creative", In reality, this is a verbal limitation we place upon ourselves when we fear our creation will be inadequate. Why limit our children like we limit ourselves? This process helps them build confidence in their abilities creatively and artistically. It helps them work from an intrinsic motivation and helps them experience pride in their ability and their creation.

And yes, sometimes it doesn't look like much.....until you ask them about it. Then you get a glimpse of their world, their mind, and their heart...and you see the masterpiece for what it is. And no two are ever alike...

If it's not messy, it's not fun!

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