Experience God Christian Program

I wanted to introduce you to our new Christian program this year from Mother Goose Time (MGT), called Experience God! Here is the run down from the policies portion of our website:

  • Every morning, we will begin circle time with a prayer and a morning devotional. The morning devotional will consist of learning a scripture verse from the Bible, discussing the relative story, and sometimes involving activities to better understand the principles taught. Each month's Christian curriculum will be aligned with the theme we will be learning in the preschool curriculum. For example, if we are learning about the desert, we would also be learning about the story of Moses in the desert.

  • While we will talk freely of Christian beliefs as they associate with our curriculum, holidays, and questions posed by students, we warmly welcome students and families of ALL faiths, and whether they have one or not. Students are never required to pray and are welcome to pray in whatever manner they choose.

  • As disciples of Christ, we value all individuals of all diverisites and welcome them as part of our preschool family!

  • Miss Becky begins her days with a prayer for each child, their family, and the preschool. This provides her an opportunity to keep them in her heart continually and to ask for greater love, patience, and inspiration to guide and teach them. Each child is a special and unique soul and deserves to have a teacher who strives to teach to their individual needs. Prayer and meditation helps to listen not only with the ears, but also with the heart.

  • What will my child learn?

"Experience God invites children to know God, understand the love He has for them, and support them in developing a personal relationship with him. In addition, every activity is labeled according to the same skill goals as used in the Mother Goose Time system including the development of literacy, math and social-emotional skills." (www.mothergoostime.com)

So far, I have been extremely pleased with the program and the kiddos have surprised me with their questions, insights, and pure-hearted comments. Every month the MGT program and Experience God program coincide in their themes. We have been learning about families in our regular preschool program and have been learning about how we are children of our Heavenly Father in our morning devotionals.

The scripture story for the month was the story of the baby Moses from the Old Testament. Every morning we begin with a prayer (my favorite part because the students say the sweetest, sometimes very surprising and adorable things!) We then learn our scripture story bit by bit with the story cards throughout the month.


They love retelling the story and explaining how everyone feels throughout the scripture verse. It is during this time that the children begin asking questions and sharing their own feelings and beliefs. Just last week the children were telling me all about Jesus and His courage to die for us. One of the girls raised her hand to tell us that although her grandma Betty died, she will live again because Jesus lives again!

We finish up our morning devotional with our scripture song which helps us memorize the verse for the month in a fun, easy way.

Each child packet for the month comes with all the supplies and instructions for four crafts and family newsletters. These newsletters help the parents stay connected with what their child is learning and to help them ask follow up questions at the end of the day.

There are also miniature scripture story cards and coloring pages for the learning to continue at home! (These pakcets are not part of our regular class, but are saved for a special separate Experience God class to supplement the preschool program.)

Here little D and his friend are working on their children of God crowns, adorned with jewels, glitter, sparkles, and crayons!

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