Learning with Nature

We often get opportunities through Mother Goose Time (MGT) to take field trips outdoors and either have a lesson in nature or go on a nature hunt and bring back items to study in the classroom.

During our Science Lab, we used a nature hunt to find items of various sizes to bring back and measure. The children loved using their own ruler to learn about measurements! For the remainder of the day, they carried them around the classroom measuring various items. They were able to take their nature items and rulers home to continue to hunt for more interesting items to measure.

One of my favorite experiments was also the biggest hit with the students: growing grass people! They of course loved it because they got to get their hands dirty packing planting soil into a nylon stocking. They sprinkled grass seeds on top of the soil, we tied a knot, and they decorated them with googly eyes! Everything is adorable with googly eyes.

Over the course of a week, the grass began sprouting all over, like a very hairy grass man! We have practiced our scissor skills multiple times in the last few weeks as we have given our grass man" haircuts". It is seriously one of the highlights of our week and helps demonstrate why daddy has to mow the lawn every week! However, I have noticed that if I leave the classroom open when we are not in session, I find shreds of paper and bags and various items left by my little man practicing his cutting skills! Beware: such a fun, interactive experiment will lead to greater confidence in your little ones and you will find "gardens" planted in random places around your house and random items being cut to shreds. Parents, hide your scissors! :)

A huge thanks to MGT curriculum for providing us with every single item needed to execute our science experiments! To learn more, visit www.mothergoosetime.com

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