August was all about science and investigation! During our Science Summer Camp we covered many topics, including Germs!

I was really looking forward to our lesson about germs. It takes a lot of teaching and coaching AND REMINDING to help young children remember to wash their hands after using the bathroom, keep their fingers out of their nose, and to cover their coughs and sneezes with their elbows. We placed glitter on their little hands and let them go on to play and interact. After using our investigations stations for a half an hour, we took a look at each of their hands and the glitter around the room, scattered across the toys, the floor, and their faces and clothes to see just how easily those invisible germs can spread.

We viewed photos of different strands of bacteria and they each created their own "Super Germ"!

The visual lesson was continued as we jumped into Mother Goose Time's art activity for germs. We took one hand of each child and painted it a different paint color and then had them high five a friend. They were able to see what their hand looked like without germs and also after, once they "caught" germs from their friend.

We learned about the amazing components of blood and how it helps keep our bodies healthy. We learned how white blood cells are like soldiers that fight germs and infections, and made "Blood Bracelets" to help remember how amazing our bodies are! They wore them with pride and would hold them up to each other to show their super power!

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