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After surviving the first few months of a very difficult pregnancy, I'm back!! I can't wait to share with you what we have been doing for our summer camps! "The Art Studio" has been my absolute favorite theme I have yet received from Mother Goose Time (MGT)!

Throughout the course of my student teaching, I created multiple lesson plans focused on famous artists and their county of origin. This cost me hours of preparation, gas running around town to purchase all of the supplies, and even more time to create the actual lesson plans to ensure that it met all the domains of learning. Now imagine my excitement when I open a box last month delivered to my doorstep that includes all of the materials, lesson plans, and assessments that have been aligned with my State's standard of education for a full balanced curriculum to last an entire month!

MGT has given me the convenience, continuity, and professionalism I desired when I chose to open my preschool. What's even more, I would not have been able to survive the last month of the school year and the first few months of summer camps during severe pregnancy illness without this curriculum (and my teaching assistant of course!) A huge thank you to MGT and my predecessor Carole Morris for helping me to be successful!

Now, onto Italy! This was the student's favorite day of our art camp, so this is the day I have chosen to share with you and highlight some of the activities for that day.

The summer camps have included many opportunities for food exploration and creativity. For our day in Italy, we created our own spaghetti sauce by squishing diced tomatoes and spices in a plastic bag. We added spaghetti noodles and enjoyed watching them devour the noodles!

We then did some sensory painting with spaghetti noodles as well as a foam paintbrush they created!

This picture needs no words...!

The most smile-inducing activity came towards the end of the day after we had viewed pictures of the Sistine Chapel and other masterpiece's of Michelangelo. We opted to switch out paint for makers and let the students go to town by creating their own "Sistine Chapel" masterpiece!

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