Today was all about waterfalls! But before we were able to start into our new theme, the kids wanted a refresher as to the different type of bees. (They ended up loving bees more than butterflies!) THEY brought me this sheet from last month's curriculum that I hadn't quite put away yet. Giving the students access to materials at their level opens up a whole new world for them and for you as an educator, learning their greatest interests and seeing what their clever minds can come up with.

We started our circle time with making waterfall sounds and singing about them! Every day, Mother Goose Time Curriculum (MGT) provides a suggested song for the theme of the day. I usually take this opportunity to see what movement choices the children make, or what gestures or sounds they can create with each new song. As always, they think of something I haven't!

Today was their opportunity to make waterfall sounds with their bodies and mouths. Here they are slapping and and patting to create the rushing sound of their imaginary waterfall.

We discussed waterfalls by using the discussion question given on our theme poster for the day, and also, "Where have you seen a waterfall?" With many varying answers, we learned that most of what they had seen came from television (as we don't really have water sources around here to create waterfalls.) I was able to share with them my experience at Niagra Falls and they were amazed at how big waterfalls could be!

Then we were on to craft time!! Their absolute favorite, of course! It was a simple craft, but they found a lot of opportunity to practice new skills. It was one of those days where I was tempted to just tie the ribbon onto each of the wands for them, but it's those moments that it is more important than ever to hold back. In doing so, I saw some of the greatest self-encouragement and pride emanate from these special children. Learning to tie their own square knot was the most exciting part of the day.

"My mom is going to be so proud of me for this knot I just tied!"

"Look Miss Becky! Look at my knot!"

"I like to practice my writing." said one of my 3 year olds.

And out to our field we went to see where we would use our waterfalls! Anytime there is a ribbon tied to a string, it becomes an instant ribbon dance!

I loved watching little D as he used the extra long grass for his forest. (See sometimes, not mowing the lawn for two weeks creates greater imaginative play;) He used the tall grass to drape his ribbon to create a flowing waterfall. This was my moment of pride. Watching him take a quiet moment to be creative always makes my heart proud.

For more information about Mother Goose Time Curriculum, visit their website.

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