"Owl always love you Mother!"

Our wonderful Mother's Day celebration was a grand "hoot"!

Once a month, usually, Mother Goose Time Curriculum (MGT) sends a celebration kit. This month was celbrating Mother's Day! It is always so wonderful when I don't have to spend time gathering supplies and creating a separate craft for holidays, and MGT saved me again!

The celebration kit includes songs, crafts, games, and suggested activities. We started our day out by learning a new song. "Thank you mom for all the hugs, all the hugs, all the hugs! Thank you mom for all the hugs, I love you!"

While memory games may seem just that-a game-children are actually learning quite a bit! Memory games help to increase cognitive processes, improve concentration and focus, increase short-term memory, train visual memory, and so much more. We started our thematic activities with a memory game after discussing how they know that their mother' love them. Answers included she gives me hugs, she reads me books, she give me her candy, she makes me food, she tells me, and many other wonderful notes of admiration towards their mothers and grandmothers.

"Ugh, they didn't match..."

We then read the story "When You Give a Mom a Muffin" and used the accompanying story pieces to reenact each line....to which the final line was "If you give a mom a cup of tea, she will mostly likely want a muffin, and by then her preschooler will have eaten it!" We then had muffins for our snack (and discussed not taking or mother's food ;)

Our owl hand print craft was a huge hit with both the children and the mothers, as hand print crafts always are! My favorite comment was that the owls were "supposed to have creepy eyes!" Haha, while I don't know what that means exactly, I love the way each of their projects turned out with their own flair and personality. At CKA, we believe in letting their artwork turn out the way THEY want to, to let the students make artistic decisions so that they might have pride in their work. Therefore, you will notice some of their owls are upside down, have body parts in strange places, or have "creepy" eyes!

"Look, I crowned myself!"

We ended our day with creating books about each of our mothers to which each of the children answered the following questions. We wrote their answers exactly as they dictated! Kids truly do say the darnedest things!

For more information about Mother Goose Time Curriculum, visit www..mothergoosetime.com

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