Preschool in our PJ's

Today was one of the first Saturdays that little D and I got to relax and so we stayed in our pj's most of the day! Half way through our day I asked him if he would like to do some school crafts. He answered by running to the preschool!

His favorite art medium is painting and we had a bee hive paint craft to work on. We used bubble wrap pouches to give it some texture and design. It also requires different motor skills to be able to paint this way. I love sensory art! We then used some sparkly bee stickers from another craft and he used his great fine motor skills to grasp those little stickers and place them around his bee hive.

While he was finishing up his craft, I pulled out some other fun activities I hadn't had a chance to do with my classes this past month. So I made use of them today! I wanted to work on some basic math concepts with him: one-to-one principle, stable order principle, and the cardinality principle. D is really great at stable order (counting in numerical progression). He is also really great with cardinality (knowing that the last number he counted is how many items there are). But one-to-one principle kind of slips him up sometimes. So we practiced with our bumble bee rhyme and counting pieces!

Every time I asked him how many bees there were, he counted "6" because he would go back and count one he had already counted. I worked on lining them up for him so he would not get confused and after a few tries and some coaching, he was able to nail the one-to-one principle. We will try again in a few days to see if he retained our lesson and to assess how much more scaffolding he needs in this area.

And then of course, the bees had to fly around the room while buzzing!

We then read our easy reader books together. Each month Mother Goose Time sends an easy reader book for each student. They learn new CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, every month, as well as a few sight words. I am not working on sound blends with D, but I am trying to help him understand the direction of text as well as letter identification. We also worked on identifying phonemic sounds for beginning letters. I read each word to him and we would point and move our fingers along the text. I would also pause at periods so that he will begin to understand the purpose of punctuation.

The last page of the book was an invitation to draw where the bees went. D decided that they were making honey, so he chose yellow to draw honey all over the bees. Red is his new favorite color, so he found every red crayon he could and drew with each of them. While doing this, he realized that some of the crayons he thought were red were actually pink! Good observation buddy!

I was very proud of his efforts. He does not enjoy coloring and often refuses to do it because he "can't" draw his favorite cartoon character. I was very cautious during this process, not wanting to upset him, but just observing as he created his artwork. Once he was in the groove and confident about the process, I showed him correct pencil grip. He worked that way for a few seconds before returning to a full hand grasp. I just observed and in a few seconds he switched his fingers back to the correct grasp. I love seeing what happens when you let children figure it out themselves. They learn so well by experimenting and doing it themselves!

We finished off our short preschool session by using our movement cube. We wrote the letter "N" in the air with our noses and then D went off to find the letter "Q".

He got a bit sidetracked when he arrived at the magnet board as he wanted to find all of the "X"'s instead. I knew it was time to let him do some self-directed learning and let him explore after that.

I love the moments like this that we get to share. Today was a well spent rainy Saturday morning!

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