I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee

It seems like our days are getting shorter and shorter as we near the end of the school year. We have been practicing for our end of year program and have been doing assessments, which has not left us a lot of time for our great MGT (Mother Goose Time) activities! And this breaks my heart a little bit. We never have enough time as it is to do all that I would love to.

Today was our last day as a class to learn about bees before we begin our new curriculum next month! We learned to identify honey bees and bumble bees from wasps and yellow jackets. We learned what to do if we ever get stung by a bee or wasp, and we also learned that many bees are harmless and necessary. They were a bit shocked to learn this!

The hat crafts are by far the favorite activity for me and the preschoolers. Every month, my Mother Goose Time curriculum box arrives on my door step. It's like Christmas for me and my son. We pull out all the bags and he plays with the new manipulatives while I look over the crafts for the upcoming month. That's usually how I choose what parts of the curriculum to use, and if there is a headband or hat craft, that one is ALWAYS on my list! I also let my 3 year old son help me choose which crafts he thinks we should do as a class and he chose the queen bee hats! The best part was watching them "sting" each other with the paper stingers on the back of their hats and then apologize and practice forgiveness. (Our attribute for the month!)

While I choose most of the curriculum based on what crafts I want to do, I pull from many day's curriculum to form our daily lessons. MGT provides material for 20 days, but we only meet for -10 days! Some of the items I always search for are the movement cube, the math story cards, the story book and story telling pieces, reading/phonemic awareness games, the writing journals, the newsletters, the poster find and looks magnifying glasses, the counting cards, the patterning cards, the maniuplatives cards, the easy reader books, the flashcards, the friendly bee badges, any math games, any science experiment cards, and any other literacy games. Here is a picture from my sorting for the upcoming month! Most other MGT educators would probably think I'm insane for my methods (and I don't normally take them all out of the box, but I wanted to show you all of the items), but this actually helps me assign a day to each of the activities and then fill in our themes and crafts around it. In addition, many of the items you see in this picture will be used in each of the different learning centers and not necessarily in a lesson form.

Anyway, back to our day! We learned the song "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" song with gestures and sang it over and over and over again throughout the day because they thought it was so hilarious! Here they are squishing up their baby bumblebees after it stung them! "Eww, it's yucky!"

We played a math game where we worked as teams to fill our hive with honey! When it comes to these games, it is common to only have enough for 4-6 students as it is intended to be a small group activity. However, my class is almost always small group when there is only 8 students! So when we run into this problem of not having enough, we use it as a cooperative play opportunity and pair them up, often with other students they wouldn't choose as their first pick. We build a lot of unity this way!

We finished our writing journals in the 4/5 class. Here is an example of symmetry that we learned about this past month. One of the budding artists was proud to show me how symmetrical his butterfly wings were!

Next month we are heading to the river for some water fun! See ya there!

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