Butterfly Release!

This was a MAGICAL week! We spent the last 3 weeks watching our caterpillars multiply in size, build chrysalides, and then emerge as beautiful painted lady butterflies!

We enjoyed our week celebrating our own "pets". Each student brought their own favorite stuffed animal to our Pet Store. We like to switch out our centers routinely and our dramatic play center needed some excitement. The students definitely enjoyed this addition and there was a spirit of excitement in the air!

Whole body learning is a focus of MGT and a focus of my classroom. The more senses a child uses, the more active they are, the more they are personally involved, the more they learn and the more they remember! During Circle Time we learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and used movement to act out each stage.

Stage 1: Egg

The students rolled their bodies up to form an egg and rocked back and forth. Here is one very serious egg :)

Stage 2: Caterpillar

They then used their bodies to slide across the floor like giant caterpillars!

Stage 3: Chrysalis

This was my favorite to watch them figure out how to form a chrysalis with their bodies. And oh boy did they surprise me with their creativity!

Stage 4: Butterfly

They then emerged from their chrysalides and flew freely and excitedly around the room as fluttering butterflies!

We prefer to focus on process art rather than product art, but today was a bit different. Our art project was a more challenging one as the students had to follow specific steps so as to be able to get each stage in the proper place on the plate to create a correct butterfly life cycle. However, you can see that they each put their own spin on each section of their plate. My favorite part was watching them wrap their caterpillar inside their chrysalis and then being able to see it through the tissue, just like being able to see the butterfly through the chrysalis before it emerges. They took pride in creating their own unique caterpillars and butterflies and being able to teach what they knew about their life cycle! They became little scientific experts today!

And I had to share as many proud faces as possible. That light in their eyes, that sparkle of pride--that's what I live for as a teacher!

And the best and most magical part of the day? Having those beautiful creatures land on our arms, heads, and fingers and feel those special butterfly kisses before releasing them to complete their cycle of life!

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