At the Rodeo + All About Squares

This week we visited the rodeo in our classroom! We learned about crazy-awesome horse tricks that Hungarians like to preform (thanks to our MGT monthly Global Friends) and watched some video clips of barrel racing, bull riding, horse tricks, and rodeo clowns.

We always begin class with discovery time. There are ever-changing learning centers around the classroom and each child gets to use self-direction as soon as they walk into the classroom. Sometimes we have well-loved manipulatives, such as this geo board. They have loved making different shapes with the elastics!

We also welcomed 10 new silk caterpillars and we look forward to them morphing into butterflies in the next few weeks as we begin our bees and butterflies unit! The kids are in love with them, as you can tell.

I have been using the Dance N Beats videos to transition between activities. It has made it a much smoother transition and the kids enjoy the movement break! This last week, we danced to "Desert Nights" and "Giddy Up Cowboy"!

Our art project for the day was making these stick horses, which we then used to gallop around our own colorful barrels! We timed ourselves and discussed smaller and larger numbers for our math activity.

We also spent a lot of time working on our workbooks. We used our square page to create a picture out of squares and then finished our mazes on the back cover!

Here is what they came up with:

Thanks for visiting!

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