Exploring Desert Landscapes +Lassos!

Our preschool was on spring break this past week, but it didn't stop me from taking "preschool" on the road with me for my own one-on-one time with my son during our vacation! MGT is so convenient in so many ways; each day comes in a prepackaged bag with nearly everything you need (teaching props, art materials, story book, question of the day...). I combined it with the Teacher Guide, threw in some crayons and scissors, and we were all set for our trip.

My younger siblings and brother-in-law were kind enough to join us as we set up our little preschool area in the motorhome. You can see them all working on making their paper plate lassos below. (MGT is fun for ALL ages whether you are 3 or 22! :) I figured paint and markers would be too messy for our trip, so I opted for brown crayons to color our plates to look like lassos.

Little D loved using his lasso to catch our 13 counting ponies! He also loved wrangling me and would exclaim "Gotcha!" as he trew his lasso over my head. It seems he grasped the concept of what lassos are used for! It took a little while for him to figure out how to engage his muscles to spin the rope and throw it in the direction he wanted-great for gross motor skill and hand-eye coordination!

One of D's favorite games was the rope shape game. He is great at identifying shapes, so the challenge was for him to recreate the shape with the piece of twine. This proved a struggle, so we helped him arrange it, or created the shape and asked him if it was correct. Another great activity for cognitive and fine motor developement.

We also had D's aunt read one of our new favorite books about desert animals! The older kids loved guessing each animal and D loved doing the physical prompts from the book to imitate all the animals.

And perhaps the best part of it all was getting to experience a new part of the desert at Goblin Valley (our vacation destination)! D loved crawling through all the rocks and climbing on top of the "goblins" or hoodoos. We live in the desert, so this is a fun month for us, but it was great to experience another part of the desert we have never seen!

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