Yee Haw Cowboy!

We began a new unit this week, "Discover the Desert"!

Because we only meet 2 days a week, we combine a lot of our lessons into one day. I love that I have a plethora of material to choose from with Mother Goose Time so that I can pick and choose activites that will be of the greatest benefit to my students!

For the first day of March, we learned about cowboy boots and cowboy hats! As you can see, we have a few cowgirls at heart and they were beyond excited!

The kids always love the beginning of a new month because it means we get to switch up our Circle Time center with a new calendar, theme poster, color, shape, character attribute, and letter and number of the week!

We technically should have been finished with the letter "G" last week, but during circle time, I had noticed that we could still use more exposure to this letter. A lot of my 3 and 4 year olds get confused with the /j/ sound and the /g/ sound. MGT gives you 3 letters to work on every month, but since there are more weeks than letters in a month, we have flexibility to move at our own pace (and sometimes we really need it)! We took an extra day and threw in a few extra letter and sound activities during circle time to help us remember exactly what "G" looks and sounds like :)

We also get new manipulatives from MGT at the beginning of every month and they are always a hit! You can spot both our counting cubes and our adorable purple and yellow counting ponies in the above picture. The Sr. class noticed right away that they could make patterns with both the blocks and the horses. Creating patterns has become a natural part of their daily discovery thanks to the help of MGT!

One of our daily activities was to sort our paper cowboy hats into colors, as well as our boys and girls into piles of male and female (definitely a new term for our prekinders). We did a color mixing activity last week and the kids have been obsessed with the concept, so this activity took a bit of a detour ( a good detour). We discussed what colors we would have used to make the purple hat, etc... I was able to build upon this special interest with each new activity that invloved colors throughout the week.

The most anticipated activity of the whole day is our art project, which is always introduced with a great open-ended question! The kids were sure that cowboys wore hats to protect themselves from storms, trees, and snakes!

We ditched the paint brushes and used a sensory tool instead to give our hats some great texture. Some of them loved using the twine to paint and others weren't so fond of it. It took some good fine motor skills to manipulate the thin string the way they wanted.

We do a lot of creative movement in class and this square dancing activity was right up the alley of my 4 and 5 year olds! (Get it, our new shape for the month is square?!) It was a great listening activity as they waited for instructions from me as the caller. They learned how to honor their partner (bow to each other), and do-si-do!

Aren't they adorable?!!

I was a huge fan of this activity since I loved square dancing in my elementary years, but after a few minutes, the students were ready to move on. We incorporated some free dance with the moves that we just learned. It was great to see them use the moves in their own way!

And last but not least, my 4/5's practiced their letter writing and finished up their journal for last month; we are ready to move onto March's writing journal!

Until next week when we head to the rodeo!


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