Our Classroom

Our preschool is a small, private, and cozy classroom where our students never get tired of playing. With constantly changing learning centers, there is always something new to discover and learn.

The preschool is located in a separate part of my home with a private entrance. Often the response to this statement is. "Oh....so it's just in your home, huh?" or "Oh, so you run a day care." Um, (pause and smile politely)...no :) In fact, this special part of my home is a dedicated learning enviornment where hearts and minds grow, and where forever memories are made as my young students develop a thirst for and a love of learning. In fact, this is also where some of my favorite memories are made and where I most love spending my time.

I felt rather lucky that right as I was offered to take on students from a well-known teacher who was retiring, my little family was able to move into this home. It gave me the space I needed to fulfill my heart's desire and jump in and start my own preschool. I spent a good 5 months remodeling this room in my spare time and feel rather proud of the efforts I made with my own two hands.

*Here is D enjoying our beautiful new rug. We both love to spend time here.

Sometimes, I love to just sit on the preschool rug and unwind, reminding myself that anything is possible with enough knowledge and help. (My dad was my lifesaver here.Without him, I'd still have mint green walls and forest green carpet.) And if you know me at all, my talents are not with a hammer or paint brush, so this was truly a miracle.

*Here is little D pretending to help me paint, which is when his love for painting began. Notice how wonderful it was to let him be messy as we would be putting down new flooring right after.

Creative Kids Academy was born out of a desire to offer a well balanced academic and creative-discovery classroom. I feel that I truly offer a unique and quality program that is unlike that of any other local preschool. And I truly believe that every child needs to find the preschool enviornment that will work best for THEM. My classes are always small, with 9 children maximum in each class. The classroom is divided into learning centers with our circle time center as the main focus of the room.

Our Classroom includes the following areas:

*Dramatic Play Center

*Dress Up Center

*Housekeeping Center

*Painting Center

*Visual Arts Center

*Craft Center

*Puppets and Puppet Theater

*Class Libarary of 100s of books that are switched out depending on the season or subject

*Sensory Bins

*Math Center

*Science Discovery Center

*Writing Center

*Magnet Center

*Maipulatives Center

*Blocks Center

*Puzzle Center

*Educational Toys Center

*Brain Break (or Cool Down) Center

*Story Manipulatives Center

*Musical Instruments Center

*Book Loft

*Art Display Area

*Large Group Area

*Small Group Area

*Individual Area

*Circle Time Center

*Helper Chart Center

Thank you for visiting our classroom! We hope that you will truly visit us and consider making us a part of your preschool family!

*More About Learning Centers

*See more of the remodel here and the wonderful people who helped make it possible. I didn't get a true before picture, but use your imaginations :)

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