Community Helpers: Hairdresser

This month has been exceptionally fun. We have been blessed with great preschool parents who are so supportive and have donated their time and supplies to be guest speakers in our classroom this month for our Community Helpers theme! One thing I wanted to highlight is that there are many careers that benefit our community beyond our beloved policemen, firefighters, dentists, doctors, etc... We learn about them too, of course! But I wanted them to see how the everyday things that their parents and family members do are incredibly important and are an asset to our community!

We had so many guest speakers and special visitors, like the firemen, that it was hard not to blog ten times this month! But in reality, getting my nursery and house together and getting enough sleep these last few weeks of my pregnancy has been time consuming and energy zapping :)

We were favored with a visit from one of our student's mothers who is a hairdresser in our close community. Not only did she come to tell us about her career, but she came decked out in her work uniform; close-toed shoes, dark clothes, apron, hair clips attached all over, and apron pockets full of tools! She pulled out all of her tools to show the students the many implements that are used at the salon: sheers, clippers, thinning sheers, blow drier, comb, hair clips, gloves, color brush and mixing cup, cape, mirror, spritz bottle, etc...

She demonstrated the correct way to hold hair sheers and how it differed from the way we hold scissors. She was very good at explaining that we never use scissors to cut our own hair! It was effective, as no one came back to school the next week with a jagged bob!

To the student's surprise and my own extreme gratitude, she also brought combs and hair clips for each of the students to take home! I later received a picture from a parent of her son combing his littler sister's hair with his new comb! I also experienced many new hairstyles from my own son that week (and he still yells at me if I "borrow" his blue hair clip!)

We discussed how hairstylists are a type of artist and that both men and women go to school to become stylists. It is important to acknowledge that each of these careers are gender neutral and to not push stereotypes onto the open minds of our preschoolers. It is important for them to discover what makes THEM happy and to discover their own passions. Put up no walls, make no limits, and create no boundaries for children. Let them discover themselves.

One thing I love about MGT (Mother Goose Time) curriculum? I have FREEDOM. I want to substitute my own art project instead of their Invitation to Create? No problem! I can do what I want while still getting the benefit of the theme of the curriculum from MGT. The Invitation to Create project that day was to use strips of paper to curl around objects and make our own sculptures. Instead, I wanted them to continue to practice their cutting skills and to do a project that was a little more directly related. We took left over supplies from other MGT crafts and created puppets with crazy hair!

After letting the glue dry for a day, we had them trim the crazy hair back so they could see their puppet's faces!

It was also a great opportunity for a crazy hair day! Thanks to these girls and parents for getting in on the fun!

"Cut, curl, give it a twirl!" This was the rhyme from MGT that we learned for the day. My son still says it while playing with my hair! Somethings just stick!

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