Policies & Procedures

Additional Fees

  • Field trips are typically free, but in the event a location charges an entrance fee, you may be asked to contribute a nominal fee for the outing. Students are not obligated to attend field trips that require a fee. In the case that a fieldtrip does not require a fee, it may be substituted for a day of class, even if it is shorter than the normal class time. (This will be infrequent.) Parents will be asked to transport their child to and from all fieldtrips. Tuition will not be prorated if your child cannot attend a free fieldtrip.


Attendance and Tardiness  

  • Students should arrive on time every day. Please inform Miss Ashlyn when your child will be either absent or tardy. Missed days will not be prorated.

  • Creative Kids Academy is not responsible for caring for your student before or after class. Miss Ashlyn will not be in the classroom until 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class. Please call or text if you are running late. It is also necessary to pick your student up on time.


Assumption and Responsibility and Risk

  • As a parent/guardian of a child attending Creative Kids Academy, you recognize that there are certain risks of physical injury and voluntarily agree to assume full risk of any injury, damages, or loss that you or your child, or family may sustain as a result of participation in any activities associated with the school.  You fully release Creative Kids Academy, owner, and its volunteers from all claims associated with the preschool.



  • Please make sure your child brings a backpack every day to school. It needs to be large enough to fit a standard piece of paper to carry home art projects, important papers, and the like.


Discipline/Classroom Management

  • Children deserve to be treated with respect from teachers, volunteers, and other classmates. They will be redirected to alternate activities if the need arises, and they will be encouraged to use language to resolve conflicts. Positive behavior will be rewarded.

  • Miss Ashlyn uses specific conflict resolution techniques to help the students communicate their differences and feelings, and use their words to work through difficult situations with one another. It also provides them the opportunity to offer suggestions as to how to work through their disagreement and to help build social and emotional problem-solving skills.

  • The classroom provides a "Cool Down Spot" or "Safe Corner" for students who need some time to themselves. This is also a place where students can go when they need to focus on self-regulation or when they are over-stimulated. We have a bin full of items to help with emotion identification, as well as sensory objects to help with soothing and calming. This corner is often a place where Miss Becky and her assistant can spend some one-on-one time helping students work through their emotions, focus on breathing, and help them understand situations that led to their heightened emotions. 

  • When needed, students are encouraged to say sorry. We focus on friendhip manners and social interactions with one another. 

  • When needed, students may also be asked to move seats if disrupting other students or having difficulty focusing.

  • There are many ways in which we hope to foster self-confidence and intrinsic motivation. We acknowledge effort that is made, progress that is seen, and always encourage kindness and politeness. One way we do this, is by having parents observe "good" things their student is doing at home and then send a "goodness" note to school where we read it to the classroom and praise the child on their effort. 



  • Parents are responsible to walk their child to the preschool door and make sure Miss Ashlyn knows their child is in attendance. Students will be walked out to their cars at the conclusion of each class. Please greet your child after class and then safely escort them to your car. 

  • As advocates for children's safety, we ask that all children be placed in appropriate car seats/car boosters, as mandated by law, when traveling to and from school, (even if it is a seemingly short distance). "52 percent of reported crashes occurred five miles or less from home and a whopping 77 percent occurred fifteen miles or less from home" (Progressive, https://www.progressive.com)

  • It is important that you pick up and drop off your child on time each day. Miss Ashlyn, has other responsibilities that she will be attending right before and right after preschool. You must notify Miss Ashlyn if you will be late/early. A $10 dollar fee will be applied to each time the child is picked up late, after 10 minutes. 


Illnesses and Vaccinations

  • Parents will not be allowed to bring their children to school with moderate to severe signs of an illness, including fever, green discharge from nose, cough, diarrhea, any discharge from the eyes, unknown rash, sore throats, any illness being treated with antibiotics for less than 24 hours, vomiting or mouth sores. We will be washing hands and using hand sanitizer frequently. The classroom, toys and manipulatives will be sanitized and disinfected routinely. Miss Ashlyn also upholds a no-nose-picking policy :) Students will not be required to be vaccinated, but the parents are required to let Miss Ashlyn know what their children have been vaccinated for and what they have not. If there is an outbreak, any child not vaccinated for that virus or disease, may be asked to stay home for an extended period of time without a discount on tuition or refund. 

  • Please understand that Miss Ashlyn desires to protect all students from illness and will cancel class if she or her family are ill enough to merit a cancelled class. When possible, Miss Ashlyn's assistant may fill in and teach class if Miss Ashlyn is ill or absent.

  • For cancelled class policies, please see the tuition section below. 


Potty Training

  • We do ask that each of our students are potty trained before registering for preschool. We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that do not allow for this. Please contact Miss Ashlyn to discuss options and possibilities. 

  • Please place a pair of extra clothes and underwear in your child's bag, even if they are already potty-trained, as we often see accidents at the beginning of a new school year. 


Show and Tell

  • Show and Tell will be on the last day of each week and will be assigned according to what letter/color/number/shape/theme we are learning that week. Please do not let them bring toys on the other days. 



  • Parents will be responsible for sending snacks ten times during the year for no more than 10 people. Miss Ashlyn will create a schedule for snack contributions which will be found on each month's calendar.

  • Please inform Miss Ashlyn of any allergies or intolerances.  

  • We ask that all snacks be store-bought or made at home with a food handler's permit. (We know it's fun to make your own treats and receiving your food handler's permit is done easily online at swuhealth.org for a $25 fee.)

  • We also encourage nutritional snacks as much as possible, with occasional exceptions for celebrations, of course! Snacks should be affordable, easy, and something the students can eat in 5 minutes or less. Examples include crackers, popcorn, cheese, grapes, carrots, juice, milk, pretzels, applesauce, granola bars, apple slices, etc... 



  • Tuition is due the 1st class of every month and will be considered late after the 2nd class of every month. Mailed tuition will be received as the postmarked date. Any late payments will be subjected to a $15 late fee. 

  • If tuition has not been paid by the end of the month, your student will, unfortunately, not be allowed to attend until tuition has been paid for the previous and current month. A $15 late fee will be applied. This is an extreme circumstance; please do not let your student's education be jeopardized by late payments.

  •  Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check. If paying via cash, please place in an envelope with your child's name on the front. 

  • There will be a $35 fee assessed for returned checks. 

  • Tuition is non-refundable. Miss Ashlyn holds the right to cancel class up to 3 times during the school year with no discount or pro-rated tuition offered. However, if class is cancelled more than 3 times, tuition shall be prorated. Miss Ashlyn will provide an option of a credit for the next month's tuition bill, or she will provide a make-up day for the cancelled class. If parent commits to the make-up day and then their child cannot or does not attend, they will not receive a credit for the next month.  

  • We follow the Washington County School District’s calendar for all holiday breaks.

  • Tuition will NOT be prorated during holidays or short months (including September, December, March, and May.)

  • There will be days when both classes will be combined to allow for special field trips or guest speakers. When this happens, the class time may change for your student. Please note that if your student cannot attend, tuition will not be discounted.

  • There will be a $45 non-refundable annual registration fee to hold your child's spot in the class and to pay for their materials for the year. 

  • If at any time you need to withdraw your child from the preschool, a 30 day notice will be required. You will be responsible for payment until the end of the 30 days. 

V.I.P. (Very Important Preschooler)

  • On birthdays and other times throughout the school year, your student will be invited to be the V.I.P. for the day. This is a day that we get to celebrate them and what makes them unique. 

  • V.I.P. students get special privileges on their V.I.P. day, including getting to display a special picture they create and being our snack helper for the day.

  • We invite a parent or grandparent to attend preschool with them this day and to assist in the classroom. The parent will also be asked to bring the snack that day, as well as pictures of their child so we can get to know the student, the student's family and the student's interests better. 

  • A schedule will be created showing which child gets to be V.I.P. on what day during the semester. When children have birthdays close together, Miss Ashlyn will have to spread their V.I.P. days out, which means they may not be able to be the V.I.P. on their birthday, but close to it. 



  • Parents are often needed to volunteer at Creative Kids Academy and will be asked to sign up to volunteer when needed. Parent helpers will be needed during class parties and fieldtrips.

  • Parents who choose not to volunteer or who cannot make their assigned day must inform Miss Ashlyn two days prior to the volunteer date.

  • Trading assigned volunteer days is welcome as long as Miss Ashlyn is informed. These trades must be arranged by the parents.

  • Volunteers will play an active role in the classroom. They are expected to spend time assisting all children in a loving and patient manner.

  • Miss Ashlyn has the right to refuse any volunteer if she feels he or she detracts from or hinders the learning environment.

  • We welcome both parents and grandparents as volunteers when needed.